Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Not much to report. Had a not-so-awesome day. (Except for drama... drama makes me happy...)
I'll post something cooler when I'm in a better mood.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We ought to build an ark... just in case

Ah rain! I love rain. I really do. The sound... the smell... the feel of raindrops on my skin... the fact that it got us out of school at ten in the morning!!

Really. I'm not kidding.

It's been raining for the past three days (and should continue for the next two...). EVERYTHING is flooded! There are ponds in my front AND back yards. Rivers flow through yards and streets. Because so many roads are washed out, they let us out of school early. Which I am totally THRILLED about!! We may not even have to got tomorrow! They also postponed the chorus concert that was supposed to be tonight. Which, while not necessarily the best thing, does get me out of having to wear that bloody uncomfortable tuxedo shirt and that thrice-damned choking necktie... so there's an up!

Yeah. Gotta love rain.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Not much to report

Today was basically normal. Really nothing new. Here are some highlights:

  • I FINALLY finished my watercolor painting for Drawing class. Bloody thing took me WEEKS of study halls to get done.
  • In Premier, I'm sharing a solo with a gal named Tori (not the one from Drama). The irony: I got the solo my friend Cela wanted, and she got the one that I wanted.
  • In Drama today, we went over the final light saber battle from "Return of the Jedi". I was apparently not reading the part of Luke dramatically enough, so Kato said "Laura! The fate of the galaxy is in your hands!" My response: "That is so... sad..."
  • I decided that, for shits and giggles, I'd change all the names of the contacts in my phone to names of characters from movies, TV shows, books, etc; that I think correspond to them. Thus, the EGE is now Mr. Universe (from the movie "Serenity"), mandachan is Faye (from the webcomic "Questionable Content", highly recommended by the way), and Laurel/Eliz is Haruhi (from the anima/manga "Ouran High School Host Club"). I do not yet have Matt's (from "Fencing Insanity") number, but when I do, he will be either Inigo Montoya or Wesley (both from "The Princess Bride").

And that's everything I have to say for today!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

I May be Getting Cynical in My Old Age, but that Doesn't Mean I'm Getting more Mature!

So today, I went with my Grandmother and my cousins to Dave & Buster's (the greatest arcade in the history of ever). I quickly decided to forgo all the games that didn't give me tickets to redeem for prizes (there's the cynicism). My younger cousin, Ethan (I really love that kid...) showed me a game that requires you to simply drop coins in a slot and you can get a lot of tickets for it. Since this was a game which would give a large number of tickets for minimal effort, this was the game I decided to play for the rest of the time I was there (evidence of my total laziness...). I also became so paranoid that someone would steal my tickets that I was constantly moving my four cups of tickets around so they'd constantly be in my field of vision as i played this game. Even as I bent down to take the new tickets, I had to pull all the old ones down with me... Yeah, I'm lame.


I spent all thirty-three hundred of the tickets I won at this little kiosk where you trade the tickets for songs that they burn to a cd for you. I bought a bunch of Celtic Woman songs, which makes me happy 'cause now I don't have to buy them at $1.99 apiece on iTunes!! Yay!

So yeah, that's what I did today... and now I go to put my new music on my iPod. Happy face.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

I had a good day...

Understatement, actually. My day was AWESOME. Today me and and my oldest and dearest friend Tara decided to hang out with our friend Hannah, as it was her birthday.

WHAT a day! We followed her to a robotics meeting, as she is a member of our school's robotics club. Tara and I... well, we're more like mascots than actual members as we're friends with a lot of the members. So we were trying to entertain ourselves... as you can imagine, hijinks ensued. While the members were discussing and watching videos of a robot doing stuff, we played some games of hang-man and tic tac toe on the schedule for the next robotics competition, scribbled firefly quotes all over said schedule, started dancing when "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" just started randomly playing, acted all ninja and secret agent down the hall, engaged in random group hugs, sang "Happy Birthday" to Hannah, ate cake (the first of two we'd eat), and just generally acted silly! It was so much fun!!

After the meeting, me and Tara went back to Hannah's house. Where there was still MORE fun and silliness!!! We gave her her gifts (well, TARA gave her her gift, I just recited the quote from Firefly that excuses not having a gift: "Day is a vestigial mode of time measurement, based on solar cycles. It's not applicable. I didn't get you anything."), we watched the hilariousness that is Eddie Izzard (a British, transvestite comedian, I highly suggest looking him up) on Youtube for a few hours, took a break for dinner, watched MORE Eddie Izzard, ate dessert (ice cream cake!!), and watched STILL MORE Eddie Izzard, laughing until our sides were sore the whole time! Then Hannah's mom drove us home.

All in all, it was an amazing, fun, full-of-kookiness day!



(PS: President Kennedy once announced to a bunch of Berlin, "Ich bin ein Berliner!", which means "I am a jelly donut!"

Friday, March 26, 2010


Ugh. It's kinda late and I'm to brain-dead for a proper post. Basically: it was a Friday, it was awesome. I went to an awesome concert at a local church for some sweet Celtic music. It was a lot of fun. I love Celtic music. I also hung out with my buddy Adam. May talk about it more tomorrow.



Thursday, March 25, 2010

These Things are Beautiful to Me...

I feel compelled to write a list of ten things that I find beautiful. Some may be odd, others obvious, but they are things that I love...

1. The sight of butter melting in a hot pan
2. A library full of books and hours of spare time on my hands
3. That little green dot that means that my friend is online
4. New, untouched clay
5. A baby, or small child
6. Lines of india ink
7. My warm, soft, fuzzy, blue blanket
8. The sound of my best friends' laughter
9. Flowers in my loved ones' hands after I've given a performance
10. Pure, untouched white paper

There are more. Loads more. But these ten are enough for now.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oh, la!

First off, I apologize for not posting yesterday (not that many people care...) but some shit was happening and I was in a bad mood and didn't feel like posting so there!


Today was musically amazing! In addition to some sunshiny weather (even if the temperature is a bit low...), I had Concert Choir today! Which is always fun. We're really coming together on our three pieces that we're performing for our next concert (A benefit concert for the Matt Buriak Scholarship Fund). We're working on "O Whistle and I'll Come to Ye" an old Scottish folksong, "I Want to Be Ready" a Gospel/Spiritual piece, and "Alleluia" which... really can't be described in words (other than "amazing"). But, most exciting of all, we began working on a song that we will sing in both a competition (that I'll talk about later...) and as the finale to the Pops concert in May: "Finale B" from RENT!!! I LOVE RENT! And I LOVE "Finale B" (which is funny cuz I've never heard any "Finale A") It's such an amazing song. I highly suggest listening to it, if not watching all of RENT.

In other musical news, for the drama show, the opening will be a song medley comprised of various John Williams themes ("Indiana Jones", "Jaws", "Jurassic Park", etc.) with lyrics all about Star Wars. (even more than I suggest listening to "Finale B", I suggest listening to this song! It's hilarious! Youtube "John Williams is the Man") As the only soprano in the show, I get a lot of awesomeness in this song! I get to sing the high part of the chorus (The "Indiana Jones" theme), while the other girl, Tori, harmonizes. I also get to vocalize the "E.T" theme while this guy Nate sings some really funny lyrics about Luke Skywalker whining... it's great. I'm really liking the way this is coming together! It's a lot of fun! I'm in the spotlight musically (which almost NEVER happens!), I get to sing quirky songs, and we all sound GREAT together!

Yep, music = happiness.

And that is my word spew for the day!

Musically yours,


Monday, March 22, 2010

The Monday Ritual (and new books!)

Today is Monday. We had no school today because of professional developement thingy, but that's totally fine with me because Mom took me to Borders for new books!! Now I'm already reading "Snow Crash" by Neal Stephenson at the behest of the EGE, and attempting to reread the "Heralds of Valdemar" series by Mercedes Lackey. So one might think that I've bit off more than I can chew in terms of reading material... NAH!

I love to read. I read anything that interests me. And that's a lot...

Anywho. Today I purchased: "Need" by Carrie Jones, "Immortal" by Gillian Sheilds, and "Fallen" by Lauren Kate. What these books have in common: they're all paranormal/supernatural romances. Yes, I know, I admit it. I'm addicted to the bloody things... at least I have the sense, decency, and good taste to pretend that "Twilight" never happened!

Yeah. I'll attempt to post a little report about each book as I finish it.

Now. The Monday Ritual. Every Monday I do the same thing. Go to school (unless for some reason it's canceled like today). Go to Premier at six (I skipped last week 'cause I was about to drop from exhaustion). Come home at seven-thirty. Watch "House" at eight. And finally, sign on to google chat, and talk to the EGE until "Castle" comes on at ten. At which point, we watch the show starring the ever-amazing and talented Nathan Fillion (of "Firefly" fame), laugh at the hilarity ensuing, and point out the "Firefly" references. This is our Monday Ritual. We do it every week, and it never fails to be great fun for two geeky friends who love crime dramas and Nathan Fillion... and Stana Katic ('cause she's awesome). I'm pretty sure that the EGE has done a blog post about "Castle" so I'll spare you the details (translation: too lazy to tell you about the show myself...)

And that, my fine followers, is my Monday.


(P.S. Manda! Stop worrying about softball tryouts or I will BEAT you to within an inch of your life! Although... I'm pretty sure that beating your friends to within an inch of their lives is not an accepted social practice...)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Boring... and Lonely

Meh... boring Sunday. Even boring-er than Saturday. Worked on the thesis paper from hell. Played "Civilization" on the computer and won for the first time yay! Went out to dinner with Dad. Now, because Dad was awesome and got HBO for me, I'm watching "True Blood" which is an awesome vampire show. One of the few that ain't ridiculous.

But yeah... hung out by myself all weekend. 'Cause Eliz/Laurel is at a church thing all weekend and the EGE is up in Boston visiting his sister. So I'm all by my lonesome. And I've got Monday off from school for... whatever reason, so I won't even see any of my friends until the day after tomorrow. Sadness.



Saturday, March 20, 2010


Ah... the weekend. Not much to report. Today was like any other Saturday. Slept til noon. Hung out. Poked around on the Internet. Played some computer games. Ate junk food. Really not much to tell. The highlight of the day was that the weather was so nice that I set out a blanket in the backyard and read for a bit.

Oh well. May or may not have something interesting to say tomorrow.


Friday, March 19, 2010

"Bye Mom! Promise I won't do TOO many psychedelics!"

... is what I said to Mom as she dropped me off at Blackout, the techno dance my school hosted this evening.

What a night...

I actually did not wear the outfit I had planned to. Instead, mom bought me this weird yet awesome halter top and skirt set (I'll put pics up... at some point). Painted my nails neon green for the occaision too!

It wasn't too bad as far as school dances go. I danced with some girlfriends, danced both in the middle of a crowd (I have reverse claustrophobia! I feel better when closed in...) and just with the aforementioned girlfriends away from the crowd. The best part: minimal trauma-drama (a word coined by my 8th grade english teacher)! I have a bad track record of getting involved with some sort of trauma-drama at dances...

Matt from "Fencing Insanity" showed up. Which actually surprised me because I figured dances weren't his thing (I was right). Anyway, I hung out with him for a bit until he left. It got pretty boring after that. I didn't have the energy left to dance as wildly as before, so me and Kyla (the only person I knew there, but it was ok 'cause I made friends with her friends) and company just stood around, bobbed to the beat a bit, hoped that a certain song would play (it didn't).

I'm glad to be home, I'm exhausted. All in all, it wasn't a bad dance.

I go beddy-bye now.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's the little things...

Not much to report except that the weather is fucking amazing!!! For the past two days it was warm enough to get away with wearing only a very light sweatshirt. I love it! Spring and Summer are always my best months... beautiful weather and lots of fun stuff happening! Pops concert, spring drama show, music trip, April vacation, SUMMER VACATION (!!!), camp, and possibly a trip up to Maine with Laurel/Eliz to visit her mom and Maine friends (one of which I have a mini-crush on...). But yeah, love this season!

And that's about all I have to say, I think I might get out and enjoy the sunshine instead of being cooped up inside all afternoon.

Peace out, loves!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shopping Madness... or Attempting to Rediscover Polychromatic Clothing

I had a good day... mostly because it was an A day (I love A days...) and because rehearsal went swimmingly (Yay for being the only soprano and thus getting awesome parts in the opening number!), but also because of the outing with my parents.

Today was a Wednesday, so Mom had off from work and we all went shopping (and Mom and Dad sang "Easy Lover" by Phil Collins in the car... scarring me for life...). The shopping went... pretty well... ish. I was looking for an outfit for the techno dance my school is having on Friday. Shopping is really difficult for me, because it's hard to find outfits that really suit my style and because I hate my body type.

My style is really difficult to discribe... kinda like the bastard love child of a hippie and a goth. In the summer I tend to lean to the former, and in the winter to the latter. Anyway, most of my clothing is black, with some dark greens, reds, a handful of blues. But predominantly black. Not very well suited to a techno dance, hence the shopping trip.

Now, I have trouble finding clothes that really flatter me. While not really fat, I am not the skinniest of girls either... curvy is the word. Now don't get me wrong, I love my curves. My hips and ass are awesome, but I also have some excess mush around my stomach and thighs. This mush makes shorter skirts and fitted shirts a definite no. Throw in the fact that I have no chest to speak of, and you've got a handful of self-image issues that I hide with confidence and smartassery. I have exactly one fitted shirt that I like. Clothes that actually do flatter me are uncomfortable as hell. Clothes that are really comfy are also quite unflattering. You get my drift: shopping is hell.

Anyway, after wandering around Kohls, frustratedly trying to find florescents that I liked that looked suitably techno and being emo in the dressing room, I managed to find a lime green tank top that will be paired with black capri pants and some shiny green makeup. Yay! I finally have a decent outfit for this dance! In addition, I found an amazing top and vest based on the new "Alice in Wonderland" movie! While I won't be wearing these to the dance, I adore them, and will find them most pleasing additions to my collection of gothier clothes.

In short, my mission to find clothing falling somewhere actually on the color spectrum was not a complete failure, but I did undo my own work by buying the black top and gray vest... oh well, I like 'em!

In other news! One of my non-blood sisters has got a blog! It can be found at Basically, she's only using it to put down ideas for stories, and background, and hopefully soon even stories themselves! Yay!

On a slightly sadder note: Today was Matty B's birthday. Matty B was a classmate who died back in November. I didn't know him well, but I still miss him. Happy Birthday, Matt. I won't forget you...

Happy Days, all.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Grrr. Argh.

I hate idiocy. HATE IT.

I am a huge fan of Joss Whedon (creator of "Buffy", "Firefly", etc). I had heard him referred to as a feminist, and as my thesis paper is on feminism, I went to the all-powerful Google. And I found an essay that someone posted on their blog.

What. A load. Of BULLSHIT!

The author obviously went into "Firefly" (my absolute FAVORITE show) looking for evidence of sexism (racism too, but we'll get to that...)

This person took the actions and dialogue of the characters, twisted them up all ass-backwards, and tried to claim that Joss is a misogynist rapist. That female characters are oppressed, silenced, and abused. That the black woman married to a white man cannot POSSIBLY be loved. That a high-class, intelligent woman could not POSSIBLY be happy with her life because her job entails having sex with her clients. Despite claiming to have done their research, they missed important key elements of the series that make it obviously contrary to what the author claims.

I just... UGH!

I get so frustrated by the utter wrongness of these statements that I can't even think! When I've cooled down and my head is clearer, I'll write a post dissecting and disproving what this misandrist racist says. Hopefully, I can get the EGE to co-author, as he's just as displeased with this as I am.



Monday, March 15, 2010


Correction: Not going to Premier because I feel like crap. What I'll be missing: attempts to harmonize to a song I memorized the melody of ("Danny Boy") and what is supposed to be the theme from "Titanic", but sounds more like "Pirates of the Carribean" until you add in the descant...

Love to perform, hate to rehearse. It's a fatal flaw.


School, Stress, and Star Wars

Today was... ugh, a Monday.

School was the usual. First block Forensics, in which I acted like a loon because I was operating on less than three hours of sleep (cruelty, thy name is insomnia); then Homeroom, where the exhaustion hit; Concert Choir, lots of fun as always; Algebra, which is slowly sucking out my soul; and finally History, where I fretted and worried about my thesis paper (I don't have the best track record with thesis papers) and attempted to read about JFK without falling asleep.

After school, I had Drama rehearsal, which was, in a word, amazing. Our spring show is a cabaret-style performance consisting of skits, musical numbers, and reading interviews we've collected. The theme: Star Wars. Specifically, "Star Wars changes lives, man!" in the words of my fellow actor Nate (hard to convey his inflections in blog form, but if you hear it... just the way he says it is really funny!). Today we practiced some light saber choreography, and cold read a couple of skits we'll be using (homages to "Clerks" and "Robot Chicken"). Lots of fun. Will probably have a blog post dedicated entirely to it sometime in the future.

Now I'm home... for a little while. Having eaten an entire tupperware container of risotto (Thank you Mommy....), I will be heading off later to an after school a cappella group called Premier. I'm gonna be miserable because rehearsals for Premier tend to drag... and I'm already dead tired. But upon my return, I shall curl up in bed (preferably with some comfort food), watch "House", and get some sleep.

And that is a day in the life of me! Hope it wasn't too boring for you... Oh yeah! And thank you to the wonderful mandachan for sending people over here from her blog! Love you manda!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hey You

First blog post.


No, I have no idea what to write about. I was peer pressured into making a blog to tell you the truth. It's all the EGE's fault. *pout*

Ok, so I'm a teenaged girl. I go to school. I'm in the Drama Department (we don't call it "Drama club". The Drama club is what we beat you with if you call it the Drama Club). I follow my favorite tv shows rabidly. I read. I watch movies. I hang out with my buddies. I'm lazy. I'm crazy. I'm a geek.

That's... pretty much it.

So, yeah. I'll post sporadically. I'll rant. I'll be odd. You'll like it... maybe. My friends who are following me because I follow their blogs will at least.

Peace Out.


(P.S. Happy Pi Day!)