Monday, June 7, 2010

Cheering up post

Mandachan didn't have a very good day, and I hate seeing her unhappy. So I'm making her a cheering-up post so that she'll feel better. It will be all about her favorite thing: baseball!!
I've attempted to do some research on her favorite players and get some news about them (all of which she probably already knows, but I'll remind her of the good stuff). Followed by pictures!
So here is my first ever baseball post:

Manda's favorites are Alex Gordon (Royals), Jacoby Ellsbury (Red Sox), Timmy (!) Lincecum (Giants), Jarrod Saltalamaccia AKA "Salty" (Rangers), and Dan Haren (Diamondbacks).

None of them are on the Disabled List except for Ellsbury, who is having problems with his ribs. The rest of them, however, are just fine and dandy. Not giving Manda the inconvenience of getting injured and winding up on the DL so she can't watch them play.

Ellsbury's on the 15-day Disabled List, so I assumed that this means that after 15 days he can play again. On the Red Sox game schedule, there doesn't seem to be any must-see games in the next 15 days (keep in mind that I don't normally follow baseball so I have a loose definition of "must-see games), so maybe he'll be ok by the time the Sox play the Royals or the Yankees. I read that he was planning to go to a batting cage and do some other baseball related stuff on Satuday, so he should be feeling better soon.

In other news... um... I'm really not sure what constitutes important news other than who's on the DL....

According to... some website (espn, I think, not really doing a works cited here), Lincecum made an improvement over his last three uncharacteristically bad starts on Sunday against the Pirates. I don't know what that means but it sounds good, right? If he improved, it must have been good. :)

Alex Gordan is apparently hitting really, REALLY well! I didn't really understand it because I don't understand the stats, but I was able to figure out that he's a damn awesome hitter. And the Royals have a game tomorrow. I'm not sure who it's against.... Minnesota, I think? Anyway, good luck to Alex because he's Manda's favorite!

As for Salty, he's apparently doing well, making progress getting over problems. Playing a game tonight. Go Salty!


And now, because I'm not sure what else to say about Manda's guys, PICTURES:

Dan Haren


Timmy (!) Lincecum


And finally... Alex!


  1. :D I love you too manda! I'm glad you were pleased with it