Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Beach Day of Amazingness!

Yesterday, I jumped off a bridge because my friends were doing it.

No, seriously! That's what I did!

My mom took me, Kyla, and the EGE to Esker Point Beach. It was amazingly fun!! We sat on the EGE's "Thomas the Tank Engine" blanket and had a nice lunch, built a causeway out of rocks (well, the EGE built it, me and Kyla just threw rocks), swam through this little channel, and most fun of all, we jumped off of the bridge over the channel!

This bridge carries Groton Long Point Road over the Esker Point channel. It's about an 11 foot drop into the channel (14 feet, if you're jumping from the ledge). When we saw some kids jump in, the EGE and I immediately wanted to try. So we climbed up onto the bridge and... well, jumped.

It was amazing! Normally, I hate being in free-fall, but this was just FUN! It was made even more hilarious by the fact that, right before I jumped, Kyla started whispering Edward's lines from "New Moon" to me. Wacky fun.

So, me and the EGE jumped off a bridge about a dozen or more times. We even got Kyla to jump once. Kyla and I both got horrendously sunburned and I sliced up my foot on some rocks, but all in all... It was an utterly AMAZING day. I can't wait to go bridge-jumping again! Next time I'll hopefully have Tang, Katherine, and mandachan to convince to jump with me! The EGE even had this funny idea of "let's convince passer-bys that one of us is a suicidal jumper and the other is trying to talk them down"

Lots of fun death-defying stuff!

And now I go to nurse my sunburn...


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