Sunday, July 11, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust

MUAHAHAHAHA!!! Yet another of my friends has been initiated into the cult of Firefly!!

Yesterday, I went over to Tara's house with Hannah. After being mobbed by her puppies, we sat down to watch the first episode of Firefly. Hannah LOVED it! We're going to try to get together to watch more of the series soon. Hannah is the seventh person I've indoctrinated in Firefly (Laurel, Tang, the EGE, mandachan, Tara, and Matt).

It makes me happy to bring another person into the Firefly fold. :)

...Yeah, I'm weird.

Hannah and Tara also showed me a funny script for a mumblecore movie (an extremely low-budget movie starring the writer's/director's friends) that they're making. They apparently created a character specifically with me in mind: The Not-So-Fair Maiden. I am actually very amused by it.

Anywho, an awesome fun day with my buddies.


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